Why Does It Seem That People Who Do the Least Get Paid the Most?

The Dallas Independent School District has a new Superintendent. The last one took it on the lamb last year, landing in a suburb outside Atlanta. Anyway, the new guy has brought with him four administrators, i.e. people who can work for years without ever seeing a child or a blackboard.

One of these people, the director of communications, will be earning $186,000 per year, it was revealed today. $186,000 is a lot of money for someone in a school district, particularly one that fired hundreds of teachers last year and added 45 minutes to the work days of those they didn’t fire, paying them nothing for their extra time. It is quite a lot of money for someone whose job it is to say how great the school district is, when it isn’t; or to say the kids are so smart, when they are not; or to say that the teachers are super duper, when the district is really ripping them off. $186,000 is also a lot of money, given that it is three and a half times the salary of the average teacher, in the classroom, getting dirty, fighting the fight.

Of course, if the teachers protest in any way, they will be suspended, the way they were the last time they tried to organize, since organizing is against the law here.

Excessive salaries for useless positions should be against the law here.

Poor kids.

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