The Cookie

“Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new.”

I am not one to completely ignore the content of a fortune cookie fortune. Even if it is silly, or trite or non-specific, I still remember it the next day.

So, in the wee hours of the morning, after fourteen hours, the police decide to go up to the compartment on top of the crane, to try to talk the man inside down. He had covered the cab with grease and sprayed WD-40 at the officers, who had climbed up the ladder. Then, he came out, grabbed onto something and dangled, until he fell 150 feet to his death.

I wondered if, in the fourteen hours, anything could have been put at the base of the crane–nets, something. The man was 44, was suspected in an earlier carjacking, and had spent fourteen years in prison for aggravated assault. On TV, his mother said she didn’t know it was her kid in the crane.

“Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new.”

I went to the Chinese restaurant later in the day, when the police cars were no longer blocking the street. I don’t know what the fortune means, or doesn’t mean. But I am going to try something new.

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