Oh, Hi

I have been away, I know. Not far, by any means, just away, from here. But back I am. Hello. How have you been.

I have been busy, having taken on an additional task. When I am not tending to kids or writing, I now teach English at a city school here in Dallas. The experience, in a few short weeks, has given me many ideas. I am taking notes. What I am writing down speaks mostly to the failures of a large urban public school system. There are a lot of failures. Students lose out, continually. These, impoverished middle schoolers, have been losing out for years.

More later. Here and elsewhere. For now, a roomful of 15 year olds are asleep on my daughter’s floor (Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday) and Grandma’s in the back house. From New York. More later, yes. Did you know that they put sequins on sweatshirts? Anyway, hello again. 

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