Supreme Gall

Before Mr. Alito shook his head in protest during President Obama’s speech last night, I was thinking something about those judges. The big judges. The special judges. The are like statues, I thought. They do not clap, emote, move, breathe. How do they do that, I wondered. Do they train for it? Do they play statue with each other on the lawn in front of the court, their robes billowing in the Washington wind? Whoosh, whoosh.

But then, coincidentally, the guy on the end manipulated his face into that grimace and bobbed his head. So unexpected it was, and obnoxious, too, that he could have been standing on his skull bellowing. That is how large his movement seemed, how wrong. Clearly, he couldn’t restrain himself, couldn’t put aside his own feelings just then, couldn’t listen to the statement objectively. Hmm, funny. Judge…restraint. Judge…objectivity.

And, all this after overturning the critical law that he helped overturn this past week. Such presumption. 

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