Formerly Former

Funny, all the people trying to make “race” an issue in the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor have something in common. They all have the title, “Former” before their name.

Former Congressman (Tancredo), Former Speaker of the House (Gingrich). And the best, the guy who isn’t Formerly anything that is political, governmental, scholarly or lawyerly. The guy on the radio (Gingrich) is only a Former college drop-out, drug addict and oh, yeah, football commentator.

The reason people are has-beens (oh, Hello, Former Vice President) is because they are no longer relevant. These people are like the old guys who hang around at the high school, searching for their self-worth in their former locker. It is an odd behavior, the inability to press forward constructively in new pursuits. It makes people do embarrassing things. 

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