Kate Minus One

I never liked that Jon. I liked Kate. Poor Kate, with the eight. I have a theory about cheaters. Cheaters cheat. They cheat on the playground. They cheat on math tests. They cheat when they get married. This is not a documented theory; it is just my opinion. It is like cake. People who like cake have to eat it. They can’t help themselves. They may try to mitigate the eating of the cake, but ultimately, they put it in their mouths. They might eat just the frosting. They might take a fork and stick it under the cellophane while it is still in the refrigerator, but they eat the cake. One would think that eight children would be a compelling deterrent. But cheaters can’t be compelled.

I wonder if Kate saw Jon cheat elsewhere in his life. Actually, I take that back. She has eight children. She is not looking to see if her husband cheats at Monopoly, or on his taxes. She should not have to. I have two children and it was difficult enough to notice.                                                        

I hope that Kate addresses this off-camera. It could become an engaging story line, unfortunately. Poor Kate.   

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