C’mon Hillary

Though I thought she’d be tapped for the Health and Human Services slot, I am confident that Hill will do a bang-up job at State, if she takes the job. I am glad that President-elect Obama found a good spot for her, as she was in need of one. And, look at Bill, agreeing to all sorts of divulgings today. Very nice. They look like a really happy couple these days, to me, anyway, from the outside looking in…supportive, chummy, affectionate. Love love love it. 

A lot of PunditPeople think, though, that maybe she and Barack have too much under the bridge to appear as that unified stuck-together one-view chemical compound that they must be. They say that other world leaders can see in a nanosecond if there is light in between them, the way a child might play one parent off the other. That is so dumb. Clearly, if a smart woman takes a big job, she will be smart about it. If she isn’t, she will be ineffective, which is one thing the Clintons don’t know how to be.


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