And you have ugly teeth. And stupid clothes. The way McCain was behaving last night, he could have said these things. Just added them to the list. Apart from his ideology and policies and fake concern and tendency to lie, which is really horrendous, he is a frighteningly immature guy. It’s like he’s stuck in 7th grade. No, wait, my 7th grader thought he was annoying last night. So, 4th grade, that’s more like it. 7th graders like to say “annoying.” Mommy, that’s so annoying.

I can only imagine if President McCain were having a meeting with someone with whom he didn’t agree. He would do what all annoying and immature people do and make it personal. Instead of addressing the merits of the facts, he would say, “If you had taken your sorry self to that lake in Kansas, you would have seen the llamas.” If you could even see, because you’re so blind. And you like terrorists. And gumbo. Eew, gumbo.

I love the debates. Last time, a truck ripped down the television cable in the alley at 4 pm, just four hours before the coverage was to begin. I called the company, who said they’d dispatch a repair guy by 8. No repair guy showed, even though three different dispatchers told me one would be coming, with great haste. I watched the debate on my computer. Everybody was really tiny, but it was okay, even though Gwen was entirely too passive a moderator. Anyway, I complained to the cable company and will not be paying my bill for October. October surprise.

I particularly enjoy the commentary after the debate. When my kids go to bed each night, I turn on msnbc. Rachel Maddow is my best friend. Did I say that already? And Chris Matthews is my boyfriend. It’s true. Single motherhood is a little isolating, as is writing, so the combination can lead you to such television relationships. It works well, these days. It is very low-pressure. After a debate, they are on extra, which is a bonus. 




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