A Gold-Medal Apology

Last night, the local NBC affiliate ran an apology on it’s late night newscast. Viewers had written to the station complaining about the lack of coverage of two-time gold medalist Shani Davis. They were offended that two female skiiers, who had not won consecutive gold medals, got top billing and lots of air time, in comparison.

The emails were shown on-screen. The anchor said they were valid, and agreed that the station failed to cover Davis the way it should have. Then, he took personal responsibility for the failure, and promised to never let that sort of reporting happen again. 

Who knows what the reasons were for the imbalanced coverage, or for the very big apology. It often seems that certain subjects or people get more or less attention in the media than they deserve, but you rarely hear anyone say he is sorry for it. I would like someone to say he is sorry for parading Tiger Woods across my bedroom screen. That feels unsavory at this point. And he is not news. Shani is news. Good for you, Mr. Anchorman.