Coming in October

I’m thrilled that my essay, “Say It Was Love,” previously published in Underwired Literary Magazine, will be given a second life in Doubleback Review. A wonderful journal that celebrates writing from publications that no longer exist, Doubleback keeps the words alive and in circulation. Watch this space for the link.

UP AND ATOM: Selected Essays

After rereading my first published essay, a piece about race and elections in The Chicago Tribune in 1989, I was disheartened by the relevance it still has and was inspired to put together a selection of 51 published stories with similarly pertinent messages. They have been stored in my portfolios, as hard copies, a number of them never having flown through the ethers on the World Wide Web. So, herewith, a heartfelt and (I hope) lively, funny and meaningful collection of cultural observation and personal revelation, from 1989 to present day. I’d be honored if you’d purchase a copy.